That is a question I have been asked countless times by friends, family and colleagues since we got married back in August.

We are now fast approaching the three month mark!

Oh, Yes, yes, I know, how does Chelsea cope being married to Adam? Blah, Blah, Blah. Just kidding. She copes just fine, I mean she is after all, married to this hunk of a man!

Anyway, the last time I updated my blog it was to tell you that we were getting married in 7 days! Now believe me when I say, that time flew by! The preparation was complete and ready to go, the day just had to hurry up and arrive.

Arrive it did! Me and Chelsea kept with tradition and spent the night apart before we tied the knot. Chels had a hotel and spent the evening having dinner and drinks with her family, and I had a delightful meal out with my parents and Bobby, after that myself and Bobby retired to our house for the night.

The big day was everything and more we had hoped for. Of course, budget wouldn’t allow the beautiful rom-comesque Manor House venue so many dream of but with the help of family and working our arse’s off for the months leading up to it, We threw a wedding and party to be proud of! I for one had the greatest day.

So as time rolled by on the day, me, Bobby and my brother headed to our ceremony venue, after hastily getting dressed and trying to squeeze our bodies into designer (Matalan) suits. We arrive, have a few pictures, relaxed. Fast forward to guest arriving, and I headed off to have an official chat and sign some paper work, at this point palms are sweaty and I seemingly forget every detail of my life up until this day and when asked to confirm my name I stare blankly at the registrar.

Guests are seated when I emerge from the ‘interrogation’ room, i take a quick look at the watch to see we are already behind schedule, no panic though, it was at this time I began a small off the cuff stand up routine for the waiting guests. A few jokes here and there, showing off to be honest, something to pass the time, or ease my nerves, one of those! Something that wasn’t part of the show however, was me deciding to ‘freshen up’ with a little squirt of aftershave, directly into both of my eye balls!

Positions please! Me and Chelsea had elected not to have a song from a CD to walk her down the isle but instead a bagpiper would do the honor. It was at this moment, from the very first note that left the pipes. I, along with everyone else in the room broke into tears, it was stunning.  I could feel the sound echoing through my chest, as I knew Chelsea and her dad were approaching me at the front of the room. Deep breathe!

From this moment the day flew by, I barely remember the ceremony, it felt so surreal. We were having photographs taken left, right and centre, even the car journey to the reception in a beautiful 1950s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. It’s all a blur. An amazing blur.

From there we had a delightful reception at a local golf course, we broke tradition once again and had BBQ instead of a sit down meal. We chatted, joked, and had a great afternoon. Some amazing speeches were spoke to seal off the formalities and then it was party time! We had an absolute ball! Literally from the moment we stepped on the dance floor for our first dance, we barely left. Chels left for a well organised toilet break in her stunning dress and that was about all. I spent time trying to get around to all of our guests while still doing the Macarena! It was a stunning evening for all, especially us two!

Once the crowds had gone, and the music had become silent we found our selves back at our hotel, exhausted, overwhelmed and content. Still trying to pieces together the day’s events. Me and Chelsea spent some time chatting, and I spent a LOT of time removing these tiny, fiddly pins and clips from her hair. Oh and clearing up the contents of her cleavage, complete with an abundance of confetti! We then did what all newly weds do on their first night… We fell asleep!

So, that was OUR day. Once reunited with Bobby the next day, we opened our gifts and cards from our extremely generous guests, having breakfast and heading back home. We were finally a complete little family.

On to the honeymoon that never was. We had intended to go away with out Bobby, but first elected to have a small break away to Cornwall, Just the 3 of us. Things could have gone better, what with our hotel being next to an active demolition site and all that. We made the most of it and spent our time exploring. On a bit of a come down from an overwhelming wedding day.

Upon our return, we had lunch with an old friend, our very first landlord actually. Who over lunch, practically offered us our old house back, the house that Bobby came home to after being born, the house we first shared as an independent couple.

After a short discussion we jumped at the chance and began instantly packing. This was an easy decision as the house we were in was no long desirable nor fit for purpose.

Like most of our relationship, we didn’t really plan for anything, things just come along in a spontaneous way.

Our honeymoon was spent packing boxes, preparing to move. Luckily we had some help so that all went smoothly. Our home Now is just perfect, and feels like a totally new adventure even though, we’ve lived here once before.

Following all of this, we eventually went back to our respective jobs, and Bobby headed back to school with stories of the wedding and life after. We have practically been non stop ever since, Chelsea has been slaving through a monstrous run of night shifts, and I’m back on the grind all week long. Consequently, since being married I haven’t actually seen much of my new wife. We will pass each other like commuters at a tube station some days, sharing parental duties while trying to keep on top of a new home, and the demands of both being working parents.

To sum up, in answer to the question so many have asked.

So, how is married life?

The answer simply, it’s no different than before, if anything we are a little closer if that’s possible, and well there’s just a bit more love in the room.

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