“Oh sleep, I remember you my dear friend..”

Those are words we have all uttered to ourselves as parents. Where many a night has gone by during the rollercoaster life of parenthood with next to no sleep. From night feeds, to fevers, from bad dreams, to good dreams. The variety of reasons your children keep you awake are endless. Sat on a bed side at 3am can be a very lonely place as a parent.

It’s only now though, that I really appreciate a good nights sleep. Bobby is 5 years old, and sleeps like an angel, that is if that angel slept like a starfish, snored like an asthmatic elephant, (he gets that from me) and moved around like an Olympic gymnast.

We are lucky that he’s a good sleeper. We rarely get woken up by anything these days. That being said, every once in a while, he’ll wake in a fit of tears, and explain that his legs are in pain.. Having researched this, we’ve pin pointed growing pain as the cause, with the cure being a good old fashioned cuddle, cup of magic water and the trusty hot water bottle. On the other hand he sometimes has something of the upmost importance to tell us, normally involving a dinosaur or one of his cuddly toys, that simply can not wait until morning.

It is during, or should I say after any unfolding drama in the middle of the night. Once all is soothed and back to sleep, I find that just watching or listening to your little one sleeping is one of the most rewarding things to witness whether they are 5 days old or 10 years old. They are growing, they’re content and they feel safe. That’s down to you as parents.

We all know that abrupt wrecking ball of noise that enters your eardrums just as you are slipping into the most perfect of sleeps, right? Well for the parents of babies and young children, I’m telling you, it does eventually get better, and you will one day soon get a full nights sleep.

For the seasoned professional, the parents who’ve already endured the early sleep struggles, the midnight milk making, the miles upon miles of steps around the house with baby in arms. I urge you to take a minute, don’t rush back to bed, just look in on your precious little humans, and appreciate how innocent, how care-free, how beautiful they are, and most importantly, appreciate the silence.

In a world where we are all running late, we are all rushing from A to B, day after day will go by, before you realise exactly what it is you have. Like I have told every new parent I meet, or speak to.. “Cherish the moments..”

Dream big little one.

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