Hey everyone!

I am terribly sorry for the silence on the ol’ blog front for a little while. We have been intensely busy making memories!

We’ve had a wonderful summer, with some delightful days outs and some great days in. From Wembley for the Community shield game, days at the beach, watching air planes fly like lunatics at air shows. To exploring old boat yards, football tournaments, visiting family in the midlands, baking cakes, and beautiful weddings in London. We have had a blast!

Bobby headed back into year 3 at school too! Time flies by at a hell of rate at the moment, it’s hard to catch a break.

This past weekend brought about Bobby’s first ever competitive football match. Over the summer he signed for a new team, to start his journey in football. I’ve ever been appointed assistant manager!

Arriving early on a pleasant Saturday morning, to the sounds of kids laughing, and parents chatting, it was clear that Football Saturdays had arrived. The little village field was a far cry from what we saw at Wembley stadium earlier in the summer. But the game is the same. The standard of football was slightly better than Man City vs Chelsea too.

Watching a group of kids who come together at the weekend and have fun playing football together is one of the best things to see. They don’t really know each other well, but when they are all running around together chasing a ball they’re are a little team, a team that we helped build.

After the game, you can see the kids were exhausted but all overly impressed with what they had accomplished.

I’m sure when winter comes I’ll be stood there wondering why I didn’t persuade Bobby to take up something warm and inside. Like billiards or squash. But who am I to stop a kid from playing out his dream, and learning the game he loves.

For now though, we are just gearing up for this weekends game, hopefully Bobby gets a few more goals to his tally, and I hope for his sake he can finally master his ‘cartwheel – end up on his arse’ celebration!

We’ll be back with more writings very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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