In this weeks Stories Of A Dad Weekly I bring you a toilet trouble, some football and our first Air BnB adventure.

Our week was once again filled with the day to day grind of being working parents. I come home and Chels heads out to work. On average we get about 5 minutes together in the afternoon, and then a couple of hours before bed. I find laughter gets us through the mundane cycle of work. It’s a good job my wife can drive the banter bus really!

The most exciting thing that came out of my working week, other than seeing the sun rise in the mornings of course, was my wet trouser trouble.

I had pulled up at a motorway services for some diesel. Filled up and all was good. Headed to the shop to pay, realised my bladder was full. So I headed to the public toilet. Gents was closed so was directed to the disabled toilet by a member of staff. Happy days. Business done, I walk over to the sink, which is placed at a height that is convenient for wheel chair users. The tap on the sink was one of these modern inventions with a sensor. I place my hands and at that moment I realised the tap hadn’t been used for sometime and had a pressure build up!

SPLASH! All over the front of my trousers looking like I had tried to urinate while break dancing on a rollercoaster! As panic sets in, the door handle begins to turn, the queue outside was building! I then find my self thrusting my crotch towards the hand dryer like Mr Bean it that film! Anyway, I don’t think anyone noticed – crisis averted!

Bobby had another great session at football, setting up two goals and smashing the post with his own effort. The look on his face as he plays brings me great memories of my childhood. The kid is dreaming big!

Chelsea’s Mum celebrated her 50th birthday this week. Chels and her sister had tea party in a pub to help their mum celebrate. They shopped after and eventually rocked up a 3pm a little tipsy, on a Thursday afternoon! I expected no less. Cake and prosecco, sounds like a party I’d enjoy!

As another part of the mother in law’s birthday celebration, we headed out on an adventure on Saturday. A surprise stay in our first ever Air BnB was organised. We were greeted with a quirky California themed bungalow. Complete with skateboards and art work galore. No beautiful sandy beaches though. Firstly because it was snowing, and secondly because it was in Hastings, which is a beach. By a pebble beach. Pebble beaches and snow don’t really shout Californication. I think she was pleasantly surprised upon her arrival.

It was a great stay, fabulous company, some games and plenty of good food. I have to say though, the majority of our group really need to up their charades game!

Which brings us to the end of another week. As Sunday evening draws to a close, I look into the coming weeks and our first real get-a-way approaches! Can’t wait! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have a great week everybody!

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