Today in the UK we celebrate a day for some truly special individuals. Mums, these are a group of women who have given so much of their selves to bring more life into the world, to protect, provide, educate and love their children, us.

These ladies have sacrificed their bodies, their time, their heart and their souls, to be the best for their children.

So it’s on Mother’s Day that we show them a little extra love and affection, and simply try and say thank you. Thank you for carrying us for a while, and bringing us into the world, protecting us as we grow, teaching us the basics and more.

I am lucky to be able to say that the women who I have close to me in my life are all exceptional, lovely, strong, gracious and down right beautiful, inside and out. I’m sure most of you can all relate.

Now, as you know I am the proud father of one wonderful little human, Bobby. It should be pretty obvious but, I didn’t create Bobby by myself, it was a team effort, with his gorgeous mummy, and my soon to be wife Chelsea. Back when Bobby was born, things were tough, he had a pretty bumpy start to life. Which makes me cherish his life and makes everything in it all the more special.

Especially his mummy, the love my son has for his mum is immense, the way they play, the way they argue, the way they teach each other, the way they work together. Everything they do together, good times or bad times, there is always an underlying tone of love. Chelsea is the hardest working mum I know, and will do absolutely anything for our little family, weather it’s working all the hours the world has or simply sitting and listening. She provides us boys with laughter, love, and the ever more important feeling of being wanted. So today, I want to say thank you on behalf of Bobby for being an amazing mummy, and secondly thank you for making me a father.

Lastly I want to say happy Mother’s Day to my mum, the women who way back in 1989 thought it’d be a great idea to create me. This lady, with the help of our dad brought me and my brother up in a time when there were no iPads, no Nickelodeon, and certainly no Paw Patrol. I think it’s fair to say she did a pretty good job. Me and brother are both now fathers and are raising our own little people. I think it’s needless to say that without the careful guidance of our mum we would be half the men we are today. So thank you mum – you did good!

My favourite thing about mums is that they’re all a tiny bit crackers, my mum and Chelsea included, from re-washing the clean clothes I’ve just put out to wear, to shouting like a hooligan on a sport field somewhere even though the rules escape you.

There is one thing these special women all have in common. They are loved.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mum, mummy, mama and mom out there, you ladies are all super heroes!

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