Good evening everybody!

Welcome to this weeks instalment of the Stories Of A Dad Weekly.

This week has been an eventful and uneventful week all rolled into one.

Firstly, I managed to capture this gem of a photograph. Very proud of this one! I’m getting better every time I fire up the DSLR.

We live in the South East of England and got a heavy (for Britain) dusting of snow. It reached 1 whole foot in some places! Enough snow to cause chaos around the surrounding area.

Bobby was the only lucky one in this family. He managed to get away with one day at school. The rest of the week school was cancelled. His football was also cancelled.

It is at this point that I take my hat off to Chels and all the other parents, and grandparents and carers who had to spend the entire time entertaining the children, and attempting to burn the energy that a school day normally would. Hats off to the teachers too, who normally have that job.

I would head out the door as normal for work around half 5, being the first tyre tracks on the fresh snow was a good help to be honest. Once I returned after a long slog around the south east Chels would then head in to her job.

We’ve been sledging, made snow angels, even snow castles were made. They’re like sandcastles but erm.. made from snow. We enjoyed it while it was white and powdery but once it became that horrid mushy, slushy stuff, that’s when we wanted it gone.

In other news this week, I have embarked on a fitness regime. In an effort to kick my Dad Bod, and start to feel better about my self. I intend to stick to this! Having had a year out of any real exercise. I have found some motivation to get stuck in, so I am literally running with it. I’ll be eating cleaner and exercising regularly, and that is pretty much it. No fancy diet, no hardcore gym, just me, a few training aids and my own two feet.

Check out my Stories Of A Dad Bod post to read more.

This week we have enjoyed watching Chelsea’s cousin play in the UK Darts Open. He made it to the Semi Finals which is a massive achievement. I think the whole family are proud of him.

We also had the greatest pleasure in meeting a new little human. Chelsea’s oldest friend had a beautiful baby boy. We were lucky enough to meet the little guy at only two days old. Rest assured, I’ve told him that I am the wisest Uncle he has, and that we’ve got his back. I forgot how incredibly stunning new born babies are. Simply incredible.

Once Sunday arrived we had a bit of spring clean, this was Chelsea’s idea! I went for my first run, and we built some Lego models with Bobby. We are assuming school is back on tomorrow as the thaw has set in and most of the white stuff has melted into cold puddles. So for our Sunday evening we are settling in, with a beautiful roast dinner.

I have to say I am desperately looking forward to the spring season to actually spring into action, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some more of our adventures!

For now though, I bid you all a great week ahead and if you haven’t already head over to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Give them a like/follow and say hello!

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