The list of jobs you have as a parent is pretty big, and this week I added a new one to mine. I became a surgeon! Yes, you heard that right. More on that later in the post though.

So I begin this post while snuggled under a duvet cover on the sofa, Bobby slurping the milk out of his breakfast bowl next to me. Chelsea asleep at the other end of our apartment, with the wind howling across a crisp Sunday morning.

This week has been all much of a muchness, whatever that means. Chelsea had a block of night shifts, so we have barely seen her. In between shifts and sleep we got around 2 hours a day with her, which sucks. But we know it’s worth it at the end of the month. Me and Bo come home from work and school and creep around like two giant mice looking for food in an ally, in an attempt not to wake her. She’s a trooper!

The problem with these night shifts is that it gives Chelsea chance to browse the items her shop has for sale, so inevitably we had a new addition to our ornamental critters, a giraffe appeared on our sideboard! The names Gerry, apparently..

We also had an appliance malfunction this week, our cooker decided it didn’t want to be a cooker anymore. It has one job, that job is to get super hot and cook food. But this week. It just sat there, saying “Na mate! Not this week”. With the help of my good friend google, I evaluated the fault as a heating element. Not knowing what a heating looks like. I thought I’d leave it to the professionals. By professionals, I mean the shop that sells new ovens. I met my landlord for a hot chocolate and came away with a new oven. I then provided my chief technical advisor, (my dad) a cup of tea and he helped wire it in. Hey presto! A cooker that actually wants to be a cooker!

Looking further ahead into the year, we’ve received our coveted confirmation email for our trip away to the North West over Easter. 5 nights in an uncharted place is exciting me no end! I love a roadtrip, and this is just one of many we have lined up.

Dr Adam, please report to the living room.”

Are you squeamish? I’m lucky, because I am not. However as a parent you see things and are asked to do things that can gross out even the savages among us. From changing a nappy to removing snot from a child’s face. Cleaning mushed mashed potato mixed with tomato ketchup out of a child’s hair. You name it, we have to do it!

Well this week I was presented with not one, but two problematic toe nails. As you know, Bobby plays football every week. Par for the course with team sports are minor injuries. Especially when a herd of kids are chasing a small leather ball around a football pitch in an effort to score a goal.

So Bobby presented me with these redundant toe nails that’d been stepped on during a last ditch tackle weeks previous. They were black, bent, and cracked, hanging from a thread. It was then that he asked that I ‘fix’ them. Now, that ladies and gentlemen is exactly what I did!

Having had this same issue in my youth I know the procedure well. Quite disappointingly though, I didn’t have my gown and surgical mask to hand.

I prepared a bowl of warm water complete with some soap. I got my ‘patient’ to place his foot in said bowl and leave to soak for 20 minutes or so. (That sounds like I’m writing a recipe for a marinated foot, doesn’t it?).

Anyway, once the wrinkles appear. You can put the foot in the oven.. Woah! I’m kidding obviously!

Holding his foot firmly I ask him to count to 5 and told him at 5 I will pull it off. So he begins, 1, 2.. By this time I’ve already removed it, and he was unaware. The benefit of soaking the foot is that it just comes off because the skin is soft. He continued, 3, 4, 5!!!! “Oh, that didn’t hurt”. Bobby exclaimed! Nope, that’s because Daddy is a world class surgeon! Sort of..

Let’s hope, he doesn’t come to me with any major surgery request in the near future! I suppose I could find a tutorial video on You Tu… On second thoughts, no. Maybe I should stick to bogies and the occasional grazed knee.

We started our weekend with a spot of lunch in a local pub, sat in the beer garden in the rain. That’s how we roll!

Having no plans on Sunday, we took advantage of the chilly weather and lazed around in our pjs and slippers most of the day. Well at least that’s what I thought we were doing, until Chels decided it was imperative we ventured out to purchase food, and photo frames!

After surviving that, we came home, I watched England v Italy in the Six Nations. Chels got the roast started and we settled in for the night.

Ready for another week to begin.

Once again I hope you all have an outstanding week.

Until next week, take it easy!

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