Hey everyone.

I hope your week has been a good one?

This week, the kid has started baking, Cupid’s bow was in full swing, and we got our party on!

To start the week. After a run of long, crappy, tedious work days, the sun began to shine. I seized the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and spend some time with Bobby during his half term.

During the winter months, time and our window for evening outings is very small. Plus it has been a bit chilly on my bones this winter.

So, we headed out after dropping Chelsea to work. Football in hand, boots on feet and went to find a field with some goals. As you should know, Bo is football mad and at any given opportunity he’s kicking a ball around. We started with some ‘tic-tacs’ – That’s tactics to anyone else. After an hour of rigorous, elite level instruction and tutorial from an out of breathe daddy, he wanted a game. We set out our goals and got to it, we found our selves in a 9 all tie meaning. NEXT GOAL WINS! The rule that was a key part of my youth, dreams were made and lost once that rule was in affect!

Bobby won! Didn’t let me live it down. For about 3 hours after.

Pancake day arrived and we had a go at making some. Well, Chels had a go at making some. I am rubbish at it, if you request a pancake from me you’ll probably get an omelette! So we enjoyed some sugar and lemon topped pancakes which were delightful.

Wednesday was our first Valentine’s Day since we have been married. We don’t normally mark this event with anything special. So we had a homemade lasagne and didn’t get each other any gifts, as previously agreed. Apparently though, someone, me. Didn’t get the memo. I did, but I like watching Chelsea open presents. Chocolate of course. To share. Of course.

Later on in the week I came home to a bakery. Chelsea and Bobby had donned their chefs hats, and got to work in the kitchen. First making dinner. Followed by cookies! Bo has taken quite a liking to this craft, I also feel like he just enjoyed spending time with his mummy. Something that being a working parent gets in the way of. It was fabulous to walk in to the aroma of some oaty cookies. Simply delicious. The fact they had chance to spend some quality time together filled me with pride. The fact my son can now bake cookies filled my belly with bliss!

Our weekend came whizzing by with a surprise birthday party for our great friend Al, from The Dad Network, and It’s The Fergusons’.

We started our night with an incredible journey around Tunbridge Wells, attempting to find somewhere to bloody park the car! All car parks were shutting at 11pm and we didn’t feel that would leave enough party time!

After eventually finding somewhere to park, about a mile away from the venue. We had to walk, which was fine, for me. However Chelsea was in heels. Heels that meant her legs didn’t work like legs normally do. We ‘gracefully’ crossed a very busy road with Chels dropping her belongings in the middle of traffic. That’s when I courageously stopped traffic to reclaim said belongings! Nightmare.

A great night out, socialising, dancing, lots of hugging too. We pimped our prosecco, and had some pick & mix. We met some fantastic new people. Just delightful to be out, somewhere new. Happy Birthday to you Al!

Our Sunday was very subdued, chilled and relaxing. I got to learn the craft of baking an oaty cookie in the morning. Turns out I’m not awful at baking, but I think Paul Hollywood’s job is safe for now.

Once again, that concludes this weeks Stories Of A Dad Weekly.

I have some exciting podcasts lined up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for those! Also, if you don’t already you can find us on our social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Until next week. Have a great one.

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