We are currently sat in the middle of January. The end of the month can’t come quick enough. In particular pay day. After helping Father Christmas fund his December escapades, we eagerly await the arrival of the first pay day of the year.

So with that in mind, we are keeping quite a low profile this month to stretch the cheddar we do have.

As usual I headed out on Monday morning to work. I was met with the busiest work day of the year. I work in the medical supplies industry. In particular the haulage and delivery aspect of said medical supplies. As we don’t work bank holidays, this was the first Monday back after 2 weeks so busy is probably an understatement.

If you’re interested, my journey took me from South East London – Central London – West London – Mid Kent – Dorking – West, North, East and South Kent

Tuesday took me to seaside with work, having no time for a dip in the fresh and chilly waters off the Kent coast it was a disappointment. It also brought Chelsea a night shift at work. That woman is a bloody trooper! Days, nights, weekends! She works her arse off! Not literally – she still has a wonderful posterior.

She also has a wonderful tan, something Bobby didn’t miss, which brought about this comedic exchange:

Bobby walked into our bedroom shortly after Chelsea had finishing applying fake tan.

Bobby – “Who are you?”

Chelsea – “Your mummy!”

Bobby – “Oh, Why do you look Spanish?”

This kid seriously cracks me up! No filter!

Wednesday came along with some glorious sunshine and a trip to Brighton for me. My highlight there was that I was lucky enough to witness a seagull hunting worms. I know, a thrilling life I lead! Well, I harnessed my inner David Attenborough and watched from a close but comfortable distance. The bird was stood on some grass performing a tantalising dance routine by stomping on the ground, kind of like a Cha Cha! The worms would think it’s raining and to prevent drowning they come out of their hole and once they do the bird gobbled them up! – An education! Who’d a thought my little blog would be so informative!

This week was also the much anticipated return of football for Bobby so we headed to the local academy on Wednesday evening, Bobby dressed in his brand spanking new attire. If you squinted from a far he was the spitting imagine of Cristiano Ronaldo – complete with the skills!

We have been looking into our holiday plans for this year and Wales could be on the cards! We are both keen but for different reasons. Chelsea is keen to get away, and have some quiet time. I however am thinking Mountains. Big, climbable mountains, just a short 300 mile drive away. If that isn’t possible I think the Lake District would be an ideal replacement destination. I can’t wait to tell you about our nice quiet, relaxing mountaineering or lake side adventure!

Once we are all booked in, it’ll give us something to look forward to this year and tick it off of our list of places to visit!

To finish off the week we met some friends in town, and took a short stroll along the river much to Chelsea’s disgust! Anyway, a Chinese meal soon cheered her up.

Well, I think we’ve reached the end of this weeks installment of Stories Of A Dad. I should get back to Dad duty and get the boy to bed.

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Have a great week everyone, see you soon!

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