Sometimes accidents can’t be helped, like the trips and slips many of us have, even our children suffer some of these misfortunes. Sometimes things happen that can not be prevented, then there are things that can be prevented.

It is without doubt that all parents will encounter tiredness and on occasion lose concentration on the task at hand. However what I see time after time is just pure stupidity, accidents waiting to happen, carelessness from parents who’s first priority isn’t always their children’s safety.

I drive on average 600 miles per week, I visit London several times a week and see many, many people. I hope you can imagine some of the sights I see as I travel around South East England, but In case you can’t imagine some of the careless parenting that I see I will tell you now.

First I give you ‘The Preoccupied Push Chair Pusher‘. These people are the ones you see walking along a bustling path way parallel to a ferocious  ‘A’ road, pushing their precious new baby, or unruly toddler along on a merry little journey, seems pretty normal right? Well team that with half a dozen shopping bags on each handle, a cigarette in mouth and a smartphone in hand. Swerving left to right, fighting to keep control of the carriage they carefully chose from the shop, like a race car driver who’d just hit an oil slick, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Next I bring you the ‘Tyre Kickers‘. I know what you’re thinking, time wasting car buyers right? Wrong. These parents are the ones who have little patience. To gain an extra minute they’re willing to waste a life time. These are the ones you will find stood at a perfectly safe pedestrian crossing, however they are often stood there with their toes hanging over the edge of the curb side, within touching distance of passing car tyres, hence ‘tyre kickers’. They practically lean into the road like that famous Michael Jackson dance move from smooth criminal. The terrifying thing about this is that beside them, holding their hand is their child emulating every move they see from their parents.

By now i’m sure you understand what i’m talking about, you will all have encountered these parents on your travels too. If you haven’t then i’m sad to say you could well be one of the people i’m describing, so take a moment to think.

Now on to a couple more examples of careless parenting…

The ‘ Tour Guide‘ is potentially one of the most careless parents out there, they show total disregard for their children’s safety and wouldn’t see danger if it hit them straight in the face. They will be ahead of their children while walking everywhere, much like a tour guide, leading the party to the next attraction. The trouble with this is that, how do they know what their kids are up to? Or even where they are? As everybody knows it takes a split second for something bad to happen, so if you can’t see them how can you react?

Finally, for now anyway I give you the ‘Rules do not apply‘ parents, my example of this is ‘in car’ rules specifically. On many occasion I am sat in traffic behind a car with kids seemingly climbing around the place like they would at a playground. Switching seats, standing up, in the boot, on the drivers lap, some even hanging out of the window, you name it I have seen it. Which is totally absurd, and again a total disregard of safety, i’m sure you’ll agree. Although every car on our roads in this country is fitted with a seat belt, at a minimum a lap belt. So why when i’m sat at traffic lights do I look to my left and see a woman, a mother none the less open the back door to a seven seat MPV and place her daughter into a seat, close the door and then start blowing kisses to her, no seat belt, no car seat, no lap belt, nothing! Now in a car that has seven, yes SEVEN seats i’m pretty sure at least one had a belt attached. Before you say it, I did pull this woman up on it and said something along the lines of “What about her seat belt?” the woman’s response, “my kid, so F*** O**”. Brilliant! Just brilliant.

In my opinion child safety should be all parents number one priority, it is something that infuriates me! Is it laziness? Maybe just ignorance? I don’t know, but something somewhere has to make the people described above wake up, put down their pointless material items, and take notice of their children. Give your children the attention they deserve, hold their hand, start a conversation with them, listen to them.

After all, every action has a reaction.

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