Stories Of A Dad Weekly

Our Great British Holiday

So I’ll start left off in last week’s Stories Of A Dad Weekly. At the very beginning of our Great British holiday. We had already embarked on a 202 mile road trip to the north stopping with some family before heading into the shires. We packed up and left their’s…

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Little Olympians

So the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio are over, the athletes are home, the equipment placed in storage and the medals displayed. What a spectacular event and what an inspiration to every one who watched. I for one am now lost with what to watch on the television! Back in…

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The Careless Parent

Sometimes accidents can’t be helped, like the trips and slips many of us have, even our children suffer some of these misfortunes. Sometimes things happen that can not be prevented, then there are things that can be prevented. It is without doubt that all parents will encounter tiredness and on…

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What’s Peace?

So in light of the latest terror attacks in Europe, this got me thinking. I can’t help but feel the sadness, and pain that many of our European neighbors must be feeling. Last night (Friday) we saw an attack on Paris unfold live on air, in what can only be…

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Adventure Bobby!

I love the out doors, getting mud on my brand new white trainers for a bit of an adrenaline fix is something I do more than I should, just ask Chelsea my fiancé. When you have the outdoor bug it’s hard to sit in one spot for too long, and…

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