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The January Blues

We are currently sat in the middle of January. The end of the month can’t come quick enough. In particular pay day. After helping Father Christmas fund his December escapades, we eagerly await the arrival of the first pay day of the year. So with that in mind, we are…

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Fearless Independence

You’ve done the hard part, they say. They say “congratulations, now you can start enjoying your brand new baby”. This may be true in the most part, for women more so than us guys. Mothers have a tough time of it during pregnancy, carrying a person inside you is something…

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A Competitive Mindset

Through out life you are faced with challenges that you have to overcome. These challenges come in many forms, some are natural hurdles like illness and injury, some are self made challenges like personal goals or sports, there are so many types. I myself am a very competitive person, always…

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