So as you know last week I started an attempt to sort my Dad Bod out and get in shape.

So here I bring you my first weekly update.

This week I have been actively concentrating on what I am eating. I have found that my diet was the main reason I had gained weight.

Eating crap all day, combined with in-activity and minimal exercise.

So I found that looking into my calorie intake and seeing what’s actually in the food I’ve normally been eating is the way forward. I was horrified!

To give you an outline. According to a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator I should be ingesting 3,520 calories per day to maintain my current weight and activity level. Some days I had been eating as many as 5000! So to put that plainly, I was eating 1480 calories more than I needed! Is it any wonder I tipped the scale at 20st.

So in order to loose weight I need to be in a deficit. In simple terms. I need to burn more calories than I ingest.

The plan moving forward is to eat less calories than I need, and up my physical activity. Theoretically I should then loose weight.

Easier said than done!

Fighting cravings for all the garbage I have been eating and enjoying has been tough. But I have started to introduce more fruit and vegetables into my diet, and limit the amount of sugar and carbohydrates I eat.

My calorie intake is currently around 2,850 calories per day. I am not having any side affects at the moment but I anticipated feeling a little more tired as the weeks progress. Once I reach an acceptable weight it should level out.

This coming week I will attempt to introduce more exercise. The past week I have been utilising my body weight and have been doing a variety of body weight circuits consisting of: Squats, Tricep dips, press ups, lunges and burpees. I detest burpees with a passion! I have also been for a 2km run, it felt terrible! But I felt good after, proud I had made some steps in the right direction. I also had a 2 hour football session with the boy. Which If I’m honest felt more intense than the run.

As for my weight, well, I haven’t checked. Like I said at the start of this the number on the scale isn’t what I am upset about. It is what I see in the mirror. What did the mirror say I hear you ask? Well, nothing yet. Slow and steady apparently.

The goal for this week is to get much more exercise in. Eat cleaner and keep my calorie intake in check. Basic but manageable goals.

I’d like now, to thank everyone for their supportive messages, they really do help and are always appreciated.

You can still follow my Dad Bod mission across our social media by following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be posting more on this as the weeks go by.

Keep on moving!

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