On the 1st March I decided to start a little health kick. In an attempt to loose weight and ‘fix’ my Dad Bod.

My plan is to eat healthier and get more exercise in. That is it, really. The two things I have been neglecting.

My idea is, that if I restrict my sugar and carbohydrate Intake, and up my exercise regime I should theoretically loose weight, right?

Now, sugar is my worst enemy! I love cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks and everything else that contains the sweet taste of the devil that is sugar.

Having gradually put on ALOT of body fat over the past few years. Now as I approach my heaviest I need to get my arse in gear. The fact that when I run around kicking a football with my son, I am panting like a buffalo after a few minutes is playing on my mind.

I have always been In physically decent condition, having been extremely sporty as a youth and carrying that into my adult life, mainly football, bodybuilding, and MMA among other sporting endeavours.

However, since having a job as a driver for the past four years, and getting niggling injuries that zapped my motivation to do anything physical. I haven’t stepped inside a gym in over a year! This just isn’t me!

It really isn’t me. I hate the fact I’ve allowed my self to get this way. So, now I am using this new found motivation and I am acting upon it. I’m putting it here, in writing, To hold myself accountable, and will, even if it hurts like a b*tch, I will get this Dad Bod into a better condition!

To start with, I am intentionally doing this without a gym membership. To show other people it can be done with out having to spend much money. I am going to use my hands and feet to get the job done!

I have a tiny selection of weights, some decent running shoes and a determination to get moving.

For the first week of this challenge I am actively restricting the sugar I put in my mouth. I am consuming more fruit and vegetables and less chocolate and cakes. I’ll be attempting some intermittent fasting for 12-14 hours to start with too.

For a work out each day I’m doing a circuit of body weight exercises. Squats, press ups, sit ups, and planks. Walking which will soon turn into running.

Starting slow and as the month goes on I’ll be upping the intensity of what I do.

Right, now moving swiftly into the section of this post I have been dreading most..

Below you will be able to find my body measurements, and also my before photos. Once again, so I can be held accountable for getting healthy, and also as motivation to change how I feel about myself.

I’ll be posting a weekly update, complete with the workouts I’ve been doing that week.

Body Measurements: As of 1st March 2018

Height – 6ft 0″ 183cm

Weight – 282.5lbs 126.7KG 19st 12lbs

Gut – 50″

Waist – 44.5″

Chest – 51″

R Quad – 25.5lbs

L Quad – 25.5″

R Calf – 18″

L Calf – 18.5″

R Bicep – 17″

L Bicep – 16.75″

Neck – 18″

BMI – 42*

*The BMI Calculator I used told me 42 is ‘very severely obese’.

If you want to follow my little Dad Bod journey as it happens you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll be using the hashtag #StoriesOfADadBod also if you want to join in with me then send me a message and hopefully I’ll find some extra motivation for us all!

Wish me luck.

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