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So I have kindly been sent the Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle set for review by the guys over at Hornby.

Having wanted one of these epic racing sets since I was about 5 years old I leaped at the prospect of testing one. Me, Chelsea and of course racing extraordinaire Bobby soon got to work putting this one through its paces.

For starters here is a little background on the manufacturer before we get started.

Scalextric is a toy brand with a range of slot car racing sets which first appeared in the late 1950s, as a creation of British firm Minimodels. The brand is currently owned and distributed by Hornby.” Source – Wikipedia

Right, let’s get into what we thought.


The product comes neatly packaged in a fairly lightweight box, with the traditional Scalextric branding. Once inside you’ll find the different portions of track which make a number of circuits a total of 484cm in length, two colour coded trigger controllers, two track supports to elevate sections of track, a UK wall plug, the warranty and instruction booklet, and last but not least the cars! You’ll be presented with a brilliantly replicated BTCC BMW 125 driven by Jack Goff and Gordon Sheddon’s BTCC Honda Civic. The cars come race ready, additional wire connectors are also supplied as spares.

Also, It’s nice to see a company not go overboard on packaging. They have kept cardboard and plastic waste to an absolute minimum. Saving the environment from the racetrack and beyond.

Build quality

When it comes to build quality, in a world with mass production, especially in the toy industry, we really put the Touring Car Battle set through its paces! Once we had set up the track we picked our car, and in 3, 2, 1 GO! We were off! I took a conservative approach to my race strategy, warming my tyres on the early laps before hitting the throttle and accelerating round like seasoned racer! It’s at this point in our testing that Bobby began exceeding the cars natural limit and crashing off into an imaginary tyre wall. However, I am happy to announce that Scalextric have built these cars to with stand as many collisions, flips and rolls off the track as a 6 year old could throw at it. They’re built so well the pit crew were given a day off.

As for the track, at first touch the light weight, and mild flexibility achieve a great level of durability for which we found no issues.


Once the box was open, we laid out all the pieces, decided on our track design and got to work. The process was simple. There are four slotting points of contact that attach each section of track together, and it took us no more than 8 minutes to achieve total set up. Scalextric advise a 5+ age restriction on this set, but for setting up I recommend an adult or someone a little older assist during this process. To prevent any forced breakages.

Fun factor

Once the racing begins, you will be immediately thrown into the driving seat. Exciting from green light to chequered flag. There is a cleverly designed lap counter attached to both lanes on the track so you can add the competition element for those competitive racers amongst you! We found it was fun for all the family. Even me and Chelsea had a race once Bobby had gone to bed! Ideal for when family come over, with a group of friends, you can even play on your own and do some time trial laps if you feel like it.


Coming in at £99.99 this set in my opinion is reasonably priced. My main reason for thinking that is the build quality and durability. I personally would rather pay a bit more knowing that a product will last and from what we found during testing it. We think it would do just that.

Concluding thoughts

With Christmas fast approaching and the long dark nights rolling in. I fully recommend adding this to your Christmas list, and have something for everyone to enjoy playing with. You can purchase the Scalextric Touring Car Battle set Scalextric website or from a variety of retailers both online and in store. RRP is £99.99.

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