“The best days are those spent with ones you love”

Oh hey, I know, late again!

What can I say, we were having too much fun, I didn’t get time to write.

Anyway, time for the latest edition of the Stories Of A Dad Weekly.

This week, Me and Chelsea actually got to spend some highly sort after time together. After her run of night shifts over the past weeks much needed normality was restored. Even though we didn’t go out and do a lot, just chilling side by side on the sofa of an evening is sometimes all you need.

I had a howler of a week at work, with numerous late days, mainly due to being the wrong side of London at rush hour! Tuesday in particular was diabolical. So late, we missed Bobby’s hair cut appointment, and had to call in an emergency school pick up! We are lucky to have some family members who can step in when days like these arise. But still, not ideal. I shall stop before I go into a tangent about how I am not enjoying my day job at present!

After rearranging Bo’s hair cut we attended and our long term barber managed to tame his ever fluffy barnet! That’s ‘messy hair’ for those who were unsure.

Later in the week myself and Chelsea had a date booked in. A romantic afternoon, where we could relax and spend some much needed time together. Together hand in hand, we took our old, broken oven to the tip. Before you think it, I believe I may have over sold our ‘date’ to Chels too!

The end of the week brought with it winter sports day, a day I’d been looking forward to. I had booked the day off work in preparation and was excited to spectate and obviously steam over the finish line in first place in the dad’s race. Alas, this was never to be. A parent email went out with the news I had been dreading.. They’d cancelled WINTER sports day. You guessed it, because of the weather! Especially when on the day it’s self, it was mild at worst. I was not happy with this decision. Chelsea however was over joyed. She claimed it was because she could spend time with me all day. However I firmly believe it was the, staying in the warmth and comfort of our home that swayed it.


Our weekend arrived with an invite of Sunday lunch with our good friends and their family. Running late as always my mouth watering as we sat in roadworks. Who does roadwork on a Sunday?

We played games, chatted and laughed till our cheeks hurt. Ate great food and shared stories. These are the best days.

After a walk to the park with a sausage dog who was dressed as a pineapple. Please, just don’t ask! We headed back, more games and even a daring stair sled ride. (Don’t try this at home.) Or do, it’s really fun. But seriously, DON’T!

The weekend was finished with a selection of Indian cuisine and a toast to brilliant pals sharing and making family memories.

For this week at least, that’s all I have for you. I look forward to what next week brings and hope you join me again next Sunday.

Take Care.

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