We have kindly been provided with a PlayerTek GPS Performance Tracker Solo Kit by the guys over at PlayerTek. To put through its paces, test and bring our finding to you.

This device was previously only available to elite football players but now it is available to you! Which is fantastic news.

After years of working with the professionals in the game, PlayerTek eventually came up with a very functional, lightweight and wearable performance analyser. Giving you the opportunity to see how your game is progressing, and puts you in a great position to raise your game.

Our very own little footie starlet, Bobby, has been wearing the tracker during his academy sessions and the results have been incredibly intriguing. With the interactive app, available on iOS and Android. We have been able to see, the distance he covers on the field, his speed, sprint distances and much more. A great feature is the heat mapping. Which shows exactly where you have been on the pitch. Giving you all the information you need to get yourself into the best positions. You can also compete with friends and if you’re good enough, make the global ‘team of the week’

Your performance is analysed and compared to that of professionals in your position, allowing you to see where you stack up against your idols!


Once you place your order on the PlayerTek website you can expect a swift turn around. Once your PlayerTek arrives. You’ll receive a sleek package that contains an ultra lightweight body worn vest, the GPS pod and a usb charger cable. Along with some simple set up instructions.


We have charged our pod once and after 5, hour long sessions it’s still going. So the 500 MAH Lithium-ion Battery has a great hold. Simply charge it on Monday and use it at the weekend.

Build Quality

We found the quality of this product excellent. The body worn vest is of strong build, lightweight, and comfortable. The Pod sits in a cleverly designed pocket on the back of the vest, you hardly know you’re wearing it. This is highly important as you don’t want it to hinder your performance in anyway.

Ease of Operation

Simple. With a one touch button on the Pod, and a smooth and reliable app you can expect hassle free data at your finger tips. In the app you’ll find easy to swipe through menus, a chronological list of all of your games and sessions. Making it very easy to compare week to week and see improvement. Plus leagues to join, ‘teams of the week’ and leaderboards so you can have a little friendly competition among other players.


For sale at a RRP of £149 the PlayerTek is extremely competitive within the GPS performance tracking market. The greatest asset this product has that others do not is the fact it is body worn. Not wrist worn, you can wear this under your jersey and feel confident in its performance. You can’t wear a watch during the game, meaning you won’t collect the vital performance data you need. I feel the price is great because of that reason.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary we at Stories Of A Dad would recommend this product. We found it very easy to use, the data you can collate with it is next level and when you get one, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

I would suggest that to really get the most out of it, players would need to be 12+ years old. Bobby is a little young to get the full potential out of the PlayerTek. With a large range of sizes on their website you’ll be sure to find what’s perfect for you.

I also want to say that no matter what level of sport you are at I believe this product would be an asset to you. Youth Sunday league player to Ballon D’or winner you would benefit.

You can purchase this product direct from the PlayerTek website and I am delighted to be able to offer you 10% off just use the code ‘STORIESOFADAD‘ at checkout. RRP £149.

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