Who can remember a time when your weekends and night times were full of bright lights, loud music and booze, lots and lots of booze?
Vaguely, yeah, me too. It’s not for want of trying either, some of our fondest memories are from our spontaneous nights on the town. From the good times throwing some shapes that resembled an irregular muscle spasm to the not so good throwing that pre party curry into a bush via you mouth. They were fun times!
So what happens once you get a little bit older, maybe wiser, and start a family?

Well, from experience the ‘go hard or go home’ becomes the ‘go for a swift half, and grab some milk on the way home’, and looking in your wallet to find a free entry and a shot ticket, to now, my wallets full of Iceland bonus cards. This isn’t because of any one reason, it’s called sacrifice, many sacrifices. Also the fact a hangover and parenting are not the best of friends. Don’t believe me, try it! I’ve only done it once, and that was enough, headache, sickness, combine that with the never ending loop music that most children’s toys have, and the smells of baby poop, and milk burps. Oh yeah, not pretty!

Sacrifice comes in many different forms, and it’s no secret that there are somethings you just don’t want to give up, but when it comes to making a decision between formula or beer, you choose formula, nappies or a new pair of nikes, you have to go nappies. This is called responsibilities.

So because you’ve become a parent you are now trapped in a boring fun free life? Wrong! Having kids shouldn’t prevent you from doing anything, in fact it should encourage you to do more. Learn how to have a ‘Parent Party’

When Chels and I became parents we were still really young, Chels was 20 and I was 21. Luckily we had both had quite a hectic and flourishing social scene, we call this ‘the clubbing years’. So It’s not as if we missed out on anything before we had Bobby. Although now, we have chosen to sacrifice the drunken nights partying in night clubs, for more family friendly fun. Cue impromptu dance battles in the kitchen!

Since having Bo, we seemed to settle into dinner dates quite well. We go ’round friends houses for dinner and play games and laugh and joke like the kids we still are at heart all whilst still being able to hold an adult conversation about quantum physics or Eastenders.

The thing we chose not to sacrifice as much was our time with friends, as well as not sacrificing our time with our son. We found a balance.

From very early on in Bobby’s life we have always included him in our evenings out, when he was a baby we would take him along, and he would always be the centre of attention but also well behaved enough to allow us to socialise. By doing this from an early age it has proved to not compromise our evenings entertainment. Now he’s older, he will disappear upstairs with his friends and play happily, whilst we enjoy adult company.

Finding the balance is so important. You have to find space for quality time with the little ones, plus mummy and daddy time, plus your friends. Sacrifices that you make will be replayed tenfold in time.

Of course we would like more time as just us, just me and Chels. Time where we can be Adam, and Chelsea, and not Mummy and Daddy, just like every parent across the globe. Find a balance and the times you do get to have your Parent Party will be nothing short of amazing.

Obviously, once they fly the nest, you can get straight back on the j├Ąger train and carry on where you left off. Choo! Choo!

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