Today myself and Chelsea celebrate our very first wedding anniversary. 365 days as husband and wife. After one year of marriage, I’m going to share with you what that 1st year has been like.

Once the dress gets hung up and stored, the thank you cards sent, and the buzz around the wedding whirlwind has settled. You are left to enjoy married life, and all that comes with it.

I’ve said before that the biggest question we received was, “How’s married life?” The answer remains the same – No different. Business as usual!

There is definitely more love in the room, maybe subconsciously. I don’t know. Just feels stronger, that’s all. We, like others have always had a strong relationship and chat our way through issues and conflicts. So once again, business as usual.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have hundreds of photos of your big day, they are quite a joy to go through and reminisce. We opted to get our favourites developed – I know, old school right? They serve as your memories so are great to look back on.

The whole ‘name change’ thing had caused a couple of hiccups. Chelsea took my surname once we married and short of being on the phone to different companies for a month on end changing it, it’s not a smooth transition. Some write to her maiden name, some write to her married name. This caused a problem when we needed to use the services of the NHS. They don’t share information with each other. So the hospital knew her as one person, but the GP knew her as another. So I guess you need to prioritise who needs to know your new name first.

My favourite part, which gives me a sense of proudness is introducing Chels as ‘my wife’ I know it’s a simple thing but it makes me happy.

As I said earlier, business as usual. Once you get back into routine, back to work etc. It really is no different. We were together nearly 8 years before we tied the knot, so I’d like to think we knew each other pretty well before we walked the isle.

You get a shiny new ring too, and as someone who doesn’t wear any jewellery this took some getting used to. I am still paranoid about loosing it. I take extra care when I wash my hands I check to see if it’ll fall down the drain every time. When playing the rare game of football I even tape it to my finger. Which is daft, because I play in goal, I then put my hand in a glove.

One thing I have noticed, is that people notice my ring. I see people look at it mid conversation, I don’t know why. It’s just a plain piece of metal on my hand. Saying that though, it’s my shiny piece of metal, which was given to me by her. So it’s quite special.

It’s hard for me to say if Chelsea is a good wife, because nothing has changed. She’s still the same strong, caring, beautiful, hardworking women I knew before we married. On a scale of 0 – 10 I’d give her a 10. She’s the best wife I’ve ever had anyway!

As for being a husband, I feel a little more responsible, which is weird, because, once again, nothing has changed. I imagine it’s because it’s quite an adult thing to be. A husband. I’m a big kid most of the time.

As for the foreseeable, we are plodding on as always, working hard to enjoy life. Struggling with life struggles and doing it our way.

As always we’ll do it together, as a little family. Personally, I’ve enjoyed our first year of marriage, it’s been a good one.

Right now, we are off out to celebrate with some good food. We have decided that we are going to start planning a date night at least once a month, as this evening is astonishingly our first evening out together, child free since we got married one year ago!

All that leaves me to do is wish my beautiful wife a very happy first anniversary. Here’s to many more years. Let the love and laughter continue.

Until next time..

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