A child’s imagination is amazing, left to their own devices they come up with a world of their own that is so involved and technical that it runs in parallel with their real life. My son Bobby is four and he is a prime example of this.

Me and Chelsea sit and listen to Bobby whilst he explains his world to us in fantastic detail, from his day to day goings on and his fantasy world also. It really is a wonderful thing. Bobby is very intelligent, incredibly observant, and dramatically imaginative.

He knows the concept of money, and understands that you go to work to earn money, and in-turn money buys things. So having gained this essential knowledge, Bobby has appointed him self ‘Boss’ of his own construction/demolition business. He has a fleet of plant machinery, a handful of employees, even company cars! They also have several ongoing projects. Quite the empire for a four year old don’t you think?

Hearing this got me thinking as to where he would have seen or heard about business and employees etc.

Throughout his early years he has seen different places of work, he knows that I am a driver, he knows his mummy, works at a big retail store, he knows Chelsea’s dad is a gas engineer, and he knows my dad was a lorry driver. However, his interpretation of our occupations are something to behold. I am not just a white van man, I own and operate a fleet of trucks, vans and tanks! Chelsea, is the owner of every store in the chain she works for. Chelsea’s dad Colin is responsible for every temporary traffic light, and contraflow across the country, and my Dad used to be what can only be described as an Ice Road Trucker!

So as you can see his imagination is in full swing, he often talks about people who we have never heard of before and describes them in great detail. Below i’ll give you a breakdown of Bobby’s employees from what I have interpreted:

Honka – Bobby’s assistant, wrecking ball operator, dumper truck driver, and head mechanic.

Toothy – Dumper driver, stream roller driver, crane operator.

Rocket – Head of construction.

Quite an operation he’s running from his racing car bed. When I ask him how much everyone gets paid his reply is £5o, I’m not sure if this is hourly or monthly. The little guy seems to have it all worked out.

I find his enthusiasm and maturity compelling, for a four year old to have built this ‘business’ up from nothing, and by nothing I mean he hasn’t ever been exposed to an office, or someone in a managing director role, nor has he been to business school or to my knowledge watched ‘The Apprentice’.

When he tells his stories I can’t help but notice his great work ethic, great people skills and an emphatic ability to plan projects. These are skills that will grow as he grows, and he will one day become a very talented individual.

I think its important that we listen to the children in our lives, if only for a short moment. You will learn something from them, perhaps even more importantly you might learn something about them. Little voices sometimes say big things. A child’s innocent imagination should cherished for as long as possible in my opinion.

On a side note, Bobby has asked me to ask you to send in your CV/Resumé if you are looking for a job within his industry… Just kidding!

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