I’ve known this guy since I was five years old, we went to Infants and Junior school together and then went our separate ways for secondary school. We then met again at the Air Training Corps when we were about thirteen and have been best friends ever since.

The reason I am writing about this is because Bobby, like many other people have no idea where Andy has been or what he’s done through life, which I find very fascinating. Bobby just see’s Andy as one of his daddies friends who stop by every six months or so. He loves Andy, trusts him and respects him. But in fact he really has no idea who he is.

Andrew Hall, was a combat medic in a war zone, He is now living and working in Sierra Leone, helping to defeat the Ebola Virus that has taken that part of the world by storm. Andy was in fact one of the very first civilian aid workers to touch down out there when the outbreak began. He doesn’t speak about the things he’s seen through his life in great detail, and understandably so, we are talking about some of the most dangerous scenarios in the world!

So Bobby, and Andy’s relationship got me thinking, why does Bobby trust Andy, why does he hug him and shake his hand when he walks through the door? In my opinion this is the purest form of friendship, I know what Andy has seen, partly because it’s all over the media but more so because i know Andy. He will change when it comes to talking about these places. But Bobby has no reason to ask, Bobby doesn’t know what violence is, or tragedy nor does he really know what disease is.

I suppose the point I am trying to get at is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been through when you meet a child it is the first impression that most counts, Bobby has seen Andy walk through our front door many times and he knows he will give me a hug and give Chelsea a kiss on the cheek every time without fail, he respects that Andy is nice to the people who he loves. Which is why Bobby accepts Andy with open arms.

Children are the innocent future of the world, us as adults have the biggest part to play in their education in life. If we act in certain ways our children will shadow our every movement, they will learn to judge people, hate people, love people, accept people, regardless of skin colour, religion, race, weight, hair colour, Job, sexuality, anything!

So be concerned in what you do and how you act because who knows which little eyes are watching…

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