It’s October 31st already! The nights are drawing in, and a chilly winter is on the horizon.

Gauls, ghosts, zombies and witches roam the streets looking for.. Sweets! Not how your typical ghost story goes is it? But hey that’s Halloween in the 21st century.

We aren’t all that big on Halloween in our house, partly because we live in an apartment with several doors to go through before you get to our front door. So a pumpkin on the door step would be a little strange because only our neighbour would see it.. I don’t think he likes sweets either.

That being said we do make an effort where Bobby is involved, if he wants to celebrate Halloween, then we will get in the spirit.

Years previous Bo has created a couple of pumpkin carvings and has been practising scaring people, mainly Grand parents while dressed in his Skeleton attire, Oh. he called him self ‘Skeleton Joey’ once upon a time, only when he’s in character though.. ‘Joey’? Your guess is as good as mine.

Back when I was a little boy we as a family never went trick or treating. So it wasn’t really on my agenda as an event. What I do remember though is at around age 10 I was invited to my first ever Halloween party. This was great, however because my parents aren’t big on Halloween, my costume was more Cher than Blair Witch! I remember having long black plastic hair, a witches hat, some sort of long nose with warts, oh and the all important bin bag! Yes, a bin bag, as a t-shirt, because apparently I didn’t own any black clothes.. We left the house to walk to the car, en route we decided to knock on next door and try our luck, the problem was, my brother was not in costume, he improvised. He pulled his jacket over his head and zipped it to the top, within seconds he was a ‘headless man’. I’m sure by now you can start to tell that Halloween was never our strong point.

Anyway, this year Bobby wants to be a Skeleton again, killer clown was sold out unfortunately. So we went out and scoured the Halloween isle in a shop. Skeleton mask, a skeleton onesie, and a bag, for treats. This all cost me £6, bargain! I’m happy to stroll around a few roads looking for pumpkins and decorations to knock on the door and see if they have some sweets for us, I mean Bobby, the sweets are for Bobby.

When we head out, we are only going to knock on the doors of houses that have made an effort, a pumpkin will do. We’ll use that as our internationally recognised signal that there are yummy treats inside. I advise you do the same, as listening to non-Halloween people speak – no pumpkin means no sweets (Usually).

Below I’ve decided to list my top 5 Trick or Treating Tips, a sort of back to basics beginners guide to Trick or Treating.

1. Dress accordingly! Make sure both you and the little ones are wearing decent shoes, are warm, and can see where you’re going.

2. Take a torch. It gets dark early at this time of year, so make sure you have a torch. Also some glow sticks and flashy lights will entertain the kids, and also make them visible to you and other people/cars.

3. Plan your route. You do not want to get lost in a housing estate you’re not familiar with. Especially dressed as an adult fairy.

4. Decorations. Look out for pumpkins and decorations, they have the best sweets.

5. Trick! Remember to have a trick prepared for those few people who might think they’re hilarious by asking for a trick.

One for luck, remember your P’s and Q’s manners cost nothing.

Have a happy Halloween, and stay safe.

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