Hey everybody!

This week we have filled our days with friends and family.

Our week didn’t start great though. Monday was an inset day for Bo at school, so he had an extra day to relax and recuperate from the hectic life he leads. A whole week off school and not a bump or a scratch, that is until I come home from work. In excitement, because I’m epic in every way. Bo decided to run full clip into the living room, roller skate on a Hot wheels car a bash his cheek on our hard, strong, immovable sideboard! A black eye came up quicker than you can say ‘please tidy your cars up’ and has been a resident feature all week!

The week was made some what better when on Wednesday he came running out of school with a big, mysterious brown envelope. It only contained a certificate for being STAR OF THE WEEK! Oh yeah, proud parents right here! I was so proud in fact I happily displayed his certificate on my dash board for the whole drive home, spontaneously waving it at passers by.

As normal Bobby attended football training on Wednesday. I was joined by his Uncle and Grandad on the sidelines. He has been desperate to get a goal, after a small drought. His chance came when he came darting down the left wing, beating two defenders, he cut inside and struck the ball.. I held my breathe as did we all. Only for it to clatter the post! Although obviously heart broken he picked his spirits up and carried on. Time will tell if our little Messi will break his goal drought.

Also this week, I received an international video call from my good friend Nick. He lives in Canada. In a cabin on the edge of the grid. A real wild place! We caught up and exchanged ideas while he was freezing his beard off in his wood shed, battling -28c temperatures! I was stood next to a radiator in the middle of civilisation! You can check what Nick’s up to over at ‘Our Cabin Life’.

As our week moved along. Chelsea had a marvellous idea for us both to do face masks. You know the things. Cucumbers on your eyes and all that. Well, no. Chelsea’s made her look like a Panda in a bubble bath, and mine was so tight and burny I thought my face was melting. Needless to say they worked a charm. I still look like a potato!

Saturday brought with it a visit from the mother in law! Dum dum dum! We enjoyed a few laughs and a beautiful roast dinner cooked by Chels. We digested that and watched a film. Baywatch, The Rock.. Enough said!

That evening we headed out to our friends 40th for a little bit. Taking advantage of the comedy photo booth, complete with props! Me and Chels did our best rendition of Kevin and Perry! Another great evening with great friends.

To see the week off we spent our Sunday with some more friends. Enjoying another stunning roast dinner accompanied by lots of laughs. Bobby bathed a dog, and I got collared to reorganise a shed! All in a Sunday’s work.

Also this week I have set my self a challenge to get my fitness back, and hopefully loose some body fat. Not that my fitness was ever present, but you know what I mean. I have stacked on the pounds this past year. Our food shop was full of green things, and I am determined to get some cardio workouts done. My planned start date is 1st of March, so you will have to read next weeks Stories Of A Dad Weekly to find out if I died or not!

Until then. Have a great week everybody!

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