Well 2017 seems a distant memory now, doesn’t it?

With the end of the first week of the new year comes the start of a new blogging series I’m going to try out.

I’m going to attempt to stick to a schedule where I write every single week. Sharing what exciting escapades we’ve been up to each week. Regardless of if I’ve sat it my pants all week, or been on an extraordinary adventure with my family.

Previously, my posts on Stories Of A Dad have been in a more article style format, where I’d share my thoughts on a particular subject. This will still continue, however I think getting personal is something I’d like to do.

So, Sundays? End of the week for most. I’m thinking evening too. Is that good for everyone? Sweet! Well that’s it then. Every Sunday evening I will be sharing our story from that week, so tune in! Also if I forget, get on my case! This something I want to stick to.

Shall we begin..

Monday was of course New Year’s Day, we like many others spent the early hours chinging glasses with friends to welcome the new year. Me and Chels eventually got to bed around 3am, Bobby had earlier crashed out on our friends living room floor with a sofa cushion and a blanket, not forgetting Patch the sausage dog for company.

Once we awoke Chels headed into work for an evening shift, and to welcome the busy shoppers looking for bargains.

As the week went on I had gone back to work and out on the roads. They were utter bliss! I drive all day every day. The lack of traffic was a delight which led to an easy week at the day job.

Bo headed back to school, much to his displeasure of course. I remember being his age and wishing the holidays would last a life time. To be fair, I still dream of that now.

It’s surprising how tired you get when you have a short working week. I was more exhausted this week than any other. 28 is old, right?

Me and Chelsea also excitedly started researching potential holiday locations for this year. We need something to look forward to after a year of wedding planning last year – watch this space!

A new podcast episode went up this week too, all about New Years resolutions and adventure! Recorded while me and Bobby sat on my bed room floor. So check that out.

Anyway, the weekend soon arrived and after a relaxing Saturday morning, complete with a nice little breakfast in bed. For me, made by Chelsea. I need spoiling too you know!

Me and Bobby decided a hike was needed. As the afternoon drew to a bitter close, and the evening crept up fast we met up with our friends and headed to the lakes. I had a brilliant idea, to walk the towpath along the river. A decision that’d prove absolutely idiotic after about a mile of trekking. Trees down, flooded stodgy ground and then the inevitable. The bank had burst and we could go no further. We explored options of crossing but we were stuck between a rock and wet place, so turned back.

As we retraced our steps we soon realised the footsteps we’d left behind us were now underwater. The tide was coming in!

Luckily we made it, dry but covered in mud. Happy, and relived.

To seal off the week we had our friends over for a roast dinner. Which I didn’t burn!

Anyhow, that’s the end of my tales of this week. Hopefully next week will bring me some exciting material to share with you all.

I hope you all have a good one, and I’ll see you the same time next Sunday!

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