Last summer, we started this journey of ups and downs, Bobby had been training at a player development academy until then. He really wanted to play ‘proper matches’ so we started a search for a team to play for.

We found one, but they were full.

This is when me and another dad decided to step in and form a brand new team, and become a football coach. Providing a place for our kids to play the sport they love, and the chance to play in proper matches. Everyone of our players had never played football in a competitive game before – we knew it wouldn’t be easy.

After a great first season, with many wins, some losses and a bucket load of goals, we find ourselves today in a cup final, with a chance to win a trophy and have something shiny to show for all their hard work.

Tactics and training aside, win, or loss today I am going to be stood on the sideline the proudest man alive, not only for my son, but for every kid in our team who’s looked up to us for guidance and coaching in a sport that means so much to them. They’re the ones who’ve put in the hard work, we just tell them how to harness and direct their energy.

Literally buzzing for this!!

This is the start of a bright future in sport for these kids.

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