Late yet again! I’m sure I can be excused on this occasion though, as we have driven 3/4 of the way up the country and been a tad busy.

Last week was a whopper! No school for Bo, no work for me, and no days off for Chelsea. She’s a trouper that one, I tell you.

Anyway, the Easter holidays began, which meant Bo like the rest of the children in the country got some time off school, or more to the point. They get ample time to pester their parents for activities to keep them entertained. And food! So much food!

We had a visit from my oldest friend, Andy. Andy has been a long distance part of our lives for some time now as he’s a globe trotter, who works in places even google maps hasn’t heard of! We had a long over due catch up, some great laughs, some adventure stories and he also asked me to be his best man! An honour I’m delighted to accept. We celebrated over a pint! Roll on September!

As the first week of the school holidays rolled by, me and Bobby filled our days with delightful crafts and really wholesome father, son bonding activities. Ha! Not a chance, who am I kidding? We sat in our pants and watched Top Gear re-runs while eating crisps most of the time. We did however see my brother and his girls for a leisurely swim and wander round the woods. Also a climb on some boulders with some more friends. Always good to see the kids playing.

As the weekend trotted in we had an epic journey to make, a roadtrip to begin, heading up country about 202 miles to see Chelsea’s cousin and her beautiful family. Literally our favourite people in the world. We got there with minimal stress with only the occasional ’50’ on M6 past Manchester. We once again enjoyed catching up and laughing at stories from years gone by. Me and the kid took the bear (massive dog) for a walk and got lost in the village. A good time had by all.

Our roadtrip didn’t end there. As we have headed even further up the country to a sleepy seaside town called Morecambe, where we have a caravan I like to call El Chateau de Morecambe.

Right now the great British weather is slamming on the roof, making the standard background music of a British holiday.

We have some day trips planned and some 2ps to waist. We are all hoping it brightens up but for now I really can’t see it.

Let’s see where this adventure takes our little family.

Have a great week all!

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