I have been rubbish keeping up with the Stories Of A Dad Weekly lately. I’ve been busier than Donald Trumps lawyer these past weeks.

Anyway this week I bring you stories of barbecues and bodge jobs!

As the weather is on the up, and the summer months approach, my dreams of setting fire to coals and cooking above them are coming true.

My favourite cuisine is by far barbecue, and I make no secret of it. I think it’s a way for me to harness my inner caveman. The only problem with having an inner cave man, but living in an apartment with no garden, is that BBQ is limited.

The upside to this however, is that we can venture out, see friends and family and take over their garden’s with laughter and flame grilled delightfulness!

Which is exactly what we did, this past weekend we crashed my parents garden and had some BBQ lunch. The paddling pool was up, so Bobby went for a swim too. The fact he had two pairs of swimming shorts, but still decided his pants were more suitable for swimming in was neither here nor there.

The next day the best kind of phone call was received by Chels. Her friend ‘that girl’ called and delivered an invite for, you guessed it.. A BBQ at their house! Chelsea didn’t even need to ask me. What ever it was, the answer was yes!

With a quick stop at the shop to pick up some desert, we were there. Kids playing, coals glowing orange, meat sizzling. Sunday was good!

At our friends house, during the aforementioned BBQ, I asked my buddy Dan if he had any jobs that needed doing. They’ve just moved into to this house so I thought I’d ask. Of course, he had all the jobs to do! I’m not entirely sure why I asked this, as I don’t even do my own jobs at home!

Apparently after flame grilled beef I become an expert electrician! Cue me, up a ladder changing light fittings for him. It was about time I put the skills I had long relied on my father to teach me to the test.

I had watched my father do this at least 3 times, so clearly.. Qualified. How hard could it be? Well, surprisingly easy to be honest!

Jobs done, lemon cheese cake devoured, happy friends, what more do you want.

As I have your attention, on the subject of cooking BBQ, and cooking in general, I thought I’d point you in the direction on my friend Andy. You may know Andy from my post ‘He’s Just Andy’, or from generally knowing real life heroes. Well he has just launched a brand new blog called Feed Your Soul Adventure. All about living wild, exploring the world and cooking in the outdoors. He has some great recipes and ideas so please head over and check that out.

While you’re at it, do you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, etc. If not, well you’re missing out!

I think that’s all for now.

This weekend, we are going on an adventure! Be sure to check that out soon!

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