Now what a phenomenal Bank holiday weekend that was!

I am sure you all had a fun filled, Sun fuelled one too. The hottest in years so I am led to believe.

We were asked by our good friends, if we would kindly look after their Dauschund Pup, Patch for the weekend. While they went away to a wedding. They also offered us to stay at their house!

Which, when you live in an apartment with no outside space was an offer we couldn’t refuse. My only request, ‘leave the barbecue out’!

If there’s one thing I love as equally as my family it’s a BBQ!

So with that in mind we headed down late Friday, and in darkness Chels spent an age fumbling for the keys! Pretty sure the neighbours thought we’d brought our 6 year old along to burgle the place.

Once settled in, and the guard dog realised we weren’t intruders we headed to bed. Something I find when staying somewhere you haven’t before. Like a friends house, the light switches are the hardest things to find. Especially, inconveniently in the dark.

The next day Chels headed to work and me and Bobby headed to the shops to buy supplies. The usual, burgers, sausages, lamb, halloumi, salad and coal. Halloumi, on a barbie is a well known secret. If secrets were ever well known. Slice it, grill it, something else that is! If you haven’t tried it. Well, simply, you’re doing it wrong!

I took Patch, the sausage dog round to meet my folks and play in their garden until Chels finished work and we could get our BBQ game on! My dad, who has been brought up with dogs, being a farm boy in his youth. He has a strange telepathy with them, he’s like a dog whisperer or something. Patch was no different, under big Al’s spell in no time.

For dinner we were joined by Chelsea’s Mum and her fiancĂ©. Chelsea’s Mum, my mother in law makes the BEST potato salad known to man. It’s exquisite! No, I am not just saying that because she’s the mother in law. I mean, it helps my case, but genuinely – the best potato salad!

Dog walking after dinner maybe my new hobby. That and the occasional game of dominos.

Bank holiday Monday came sweltering in with highs of 28 Celsius, and an invite to another barbecue this time at my father in laws. Complete with paddling pool, and some of the family.

Bobby spent most of his time tomb stoning into the pool with his cousin H-man. Pretty sure they had a whale of a time. More food and an ice cream topped off a relaxing day.

Just like that, another bank holiday came to an end. By the end of it Chels had burnt her left arm, I had burnt my right. We all had full bellies and had made the most of our time in the sun!

That’s the most important thing of all. Spending valuable time together with your families and making the most of what the world gives you.

That’s all from me for this Stories Of A Dad Weekly. I have enjoyed seeing what everyone else got upto. Now sat here hoping for more of the same in weeks to come.

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