I have been kindly asked if  I would like to review and test a national and International cake delivery service, which for those of you that know me know it didn’t take me long to accept. I mean cake for one is a weakness of mine, let alone a cake that would be delivered to me!

So I jumped online and searched for the company that offers this amazing service. I headed to Baker Days website and was greeted by an easy to use well presented site that was full of choices. I found that the variety of design was very generous, especially the personalised  options that were available they were great. Prices of the letterbox cakes start at £14.99 so you are looking at a reasonably expensive but high quality gift service, but remember you cant put a price on someone special.

Once I found the cake I liked, I proceeded to the delivery options where I found it possible to send a cake almost anywhere I wanted. Prices for delivery start from FREE which is great, although i would say if you are looking for a last minute gift idea be prepared to pay a little bit more, for example 1st class post starts at £3.99 for a letterbox cake.

So I placed my order and left it with the Baker Days bakers and patiently waited..

My cake arrived one day later in a small well packaged box, upon opening the package I was greeted by a rather lovely tin with a cute design and a few complimentary coupons for various companies. I popped the tin open and inside was the cake I had ordered, made perfectly to my specifications, and It was exactly as Baker Days promised “It’s  a small celebration cake for just one or two people. It may be small but it’s thoughtful and personalised. It’s postable and  yes it actually does fit through a letterbox.  It’s just the perfect gift to give or to send.”

So I popped the cake out of its wrapper cut it into half a dozen servings and myself, Chelsea and Bobby tucked in!

Delicious! Sweet, succulent, better than expected!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our portion of the Baker Days 5² Letterbox Gift Cake and they come fully recommended by Stories Of A Dad.

If you would like to purchase one for your self the you can visit Baker Days by visiting the following links.

Baker Days website, Baker Days Facebook, or Baker Days Twitter.

You can be in with a chance to win your very own Baker Days 5² Letterbox Gift Cake just click here to find out how!

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