Welcome back to another weekend, and another Stories Of A Dad Weekly.

Heading straight into this weeks action. I have been running! I am still on my Dad Bod mission. It’s going great, and I feel phenomenal. I have been for a couple of runs. Eaten so many vegetables and am already feeling the benefits!

Me and Bobby took part in a litter pick around his schools community. I am shocked at the amount of rubbish out there! Broken bottles, crisp packets, among hundreds of other bits of trash. A group of us filled 4 or 5 black sacks. Disappointing to see, but great that the kids felt proud for doing it.

We were also joined for a kick-a-bout by some of his school mates. Which later turned into another workout! Football circuit training!

Speaking of football. The little guy finally broke his goal duct and got back on the score sheet! Scoring once and bagging three assists in his Wednesday night session. Zinging balls into danger zones like a miniature Messi. A very proud dad stood on the sidelines.

Thursday brought around Parents evening. The evening where we get to find out the truth about our little human.

Well, once again he put smiles on our faces. Doing everything they ask with ease. Apparently, he is a very helpful boy and extremely well behaved. He must up his game when he goes into school, as we are forever picking his clutter up off the floor in this house!

We all took a long over due trip to Ikea, or as Chelsea likes to call it, Heaven! Me and Bobby find it very difficult to be sensible when we visit an establishment such as Ikea. We find ourselves juggling candle sticks and drumming pots and pans while Chels floats round looking for Zen enhancing items and chopping boards.

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. The day started early, with Bobby delivering his hand made card and breakfast in bed for his beautiful Mummy. We then headed to my parents to see my mum. Ended up getting stuck in with some DIY. Retired people seem to always be decorating. I think they’re bored. A happy Mother’s Day had by all I think.

I hope you all had a great week!

Can you believe we are nearly half way through March?!

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