I love the out doors, getting mud on my brand new white trainers for a bit of an adrenaline fix is something I do more than I should, just ask Chelsea my fiancé.

When you have the outdoor bug it’s hard to sit in one spot for too long, and you are always planning your next metaphorical mountain to climb and over come. As of late I’ve started sharing my hobby with Bobby, just to see how he likes it. To my excitement and surprise he’s taken to it more than i could’ve hoped! So our first adventures together started small by wandering aimlessly through country parks playing with sticks and skimming stones across lakes etc. Then onto climbing trees and paddling in great oceans.

Once I knew Bobby wasn’t afraid to get some dirt on his knees and sand in his eyes I was happy that together we could be adventure buddies, now at this point bear in mind that Bobby is 4 years old and 95cm tall weighing around 13kg and his buddy, me, who is 25 years old 6ft tall and weighing best part of 116kg, we set off into the wilderness. As Bobby scurries happily underneath the low hanging branches of the trees above our heads I’m following getting battered by a blizzard of foliage, covered in cobwebs and tree sap. Happily though we were off into the unknown.

We scramble up hills and look for the next wild creature we are going to encounter, we often hear what sounds like a powerful lion or super fast tiger lying in wait but more often than not its a squirrel just as curious as we are, but for all we know it could’ve been a lion, tiger or even a bear right..?

The Great British country side offers a play ground for every small child and their imagination, which is a wonderful, enchanting thing. If you give a child a small, cheap, plastic toy car, the moment you un-package it and place it in their hands it is transformed from a mass production cheap toy into a 200mph super car that given a push could even defeat The Incredible Hulk in a head to head fight, or fly higher than any Typhoon fighter jet. It’s the same with the outdoors, if you give a child the freedom to explore in nature’s play ground they will achieve huge amounts of self belief and feel like the greatest insect tracker or worldly explorer even to grace the earth.

Which is why I urge any parent to let their kids roam free, let them be super heroes, explorers, stunt drivers. Of course be close by, and keep a safe eye on them, tell them about the dangers of the world but take the iPhone out of their hands, and turn the TV off for a few hours and let them explore the world they are one day going to live on their own in. Better yet, put your smartphone down and join them, admittedly you might look like me, getting battered by branches and covered in cobwebs, but who cares, your children will turn round to you just before bed time and say, “Thank you Mummy, and Daddy for a great adventure today, I loved it!”

That has got to make the extra washing worth it!

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