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Welcome to Stories Of A Dad!

This is a blog written by a dad who wants to share his family adventures with you. Providing Tips and Insights into the life of a hands on dad and his family while exploring their way through life.

I’m Adam, a father to Bobby, husband to Chelsea, working class man, explorer, adventurer, adrenaline junkie, a normal kind of guy.

My blog is here for you to and follow my explorations through life with my updates on what we three are upto.

As a family we had a pretty bumpy start to parent hood, when Chelsea was pregnant she suffered with pre-eclampsia and consequently gave birth to our son Bobby 9 weeks early. Bobby spent 47 days in hospital during some of the toughest times we have ever experienced.

Now we are in full swing and living and enjoying life. Exploring and working our way into new adventures, experiences and places.

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