Firstly I’d like to begin by wishing every single dad a Happy Father’s Day. A day I hope you all get to celebrate as much as possible.

Becoming a father though, doesn’t just mean biologically. Dad’s can come in all forms. Being present in a child’s life and taking up the role of dad is one of the most humbling, emotional, and inspiring things a man can do. To watch your children grow into phenomenal human beings and knowing that you have had a hand in that process, no matter how small, and no matter for how long. You should be proud.

It can be a testing job from time to time, and life does sometimes get on top of you. Always take a step back and remember that someone is looking up to you, someone is inspired by you, and someone loves you. If they’re 1 week old, 27 years old, or 70 years old, they will always think of the man they call dad and be grateful for you.

Many dads don’t get to see their children as often as they’d hope, some don’t get to see their children at all, some raise their kids by them selves, some dads get every other weekend, and some get to see their children every single day. The time that every dad spends with their children is so important, no matter how little time you have with your kids it’s up to you to make a positive impact on their child’s life.

I am lucky in my life, that we have a happy home, me and Chelsea both work jobs at different times of day. We make the most out of every minute we have together as a family, and try our hardest not to let life’s struggles interrupt. Bobby has so much love in his heart, and we are extremely proud that he shares that love with everyone close to him. He is my inspiration, I am immensely proud to be his father and am ever prouder that he calls me daddy.

Us dad’s literally have the best job in the world.

My dad, has always been an incredible influence on my life from being a little boy, running through woodland, climbing trees, to now a grown man running through life, I’ve always been lucky to have a brilliant dad, the best dad. The hardest working man, I’ve ever known. The strongest will, and the most unintentionally funny man.

My dad, is retired now, fast nearing 70 and as I get older, he gets older more. Since I became a father I have seen my dad as more of a friend, than a mentor. I now enjoy listening to his stories of old, his witty anecdotes, his straight line advice more than ever. I learnt all I could about being a boy from him when I was younger. How to deal with the things life throws at you from toddler to teen, combing my hair to talking to girls, he’s been there done it, and got the typical dad humour T- shirt too!

It is thanks to my father, for always being a positive, respectable, compassionate, funny, and diplomatic man in my life that I am proud of the father and man I have become.
Which leaves me to say, have a Happy Fathers Day and remember to cherish the time you have with your children and your fathers. Make time for what’s important in life.
They need you as much as you need them.

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