On a bright September morning back in 1984 a couple agreed to spend the rest of their lives together, and they have done just that, a whole 31 years later they are still going strong. They have lived and loved and experienced a wonderful life, having set up many homes together and raised two, deceptively handsome and intellectual sons, they are still very much together.
So on another bright September morning this time in 2016, the couple had once again gathered with loved ones to celebrate and commit their love to each other. That couple are my parents.

A few months previous my father had enlisted the help of me, my brother and our respective partners to perform some what of a covert military operation, to organise and prepare a wedding vow renewal ceremony, and all this whilst trying to keep it a surprise from our Mum.
Needless to say this optimism did not succeed, and my mother, who was born with an intuition that an MI6 spy would be proud of rumbled us at the first hurdle. You see, Dad is not one for technology so when his brick mobile phone, with a monophonic ringtone was heating up every 23 minutes with inquiries, the game was up. Mum was in the loop.
Months went by of preparation and organisation, dress fitting and make up trialing and the day had arrived.
A modest amount of guest attended the ceremony, which was to be performed at the very same church they first declared their life long promises to each other.

Mum and Dad, or Nanny and Grandad as they’re better known these days, had decided they’d like their four grandchildren to have a starring roll in the ceremony and proceedings. So with Bobby and his three cousins excited to be a part of their Nanny and Grandad’s big day, they had also gone through the motions of dress fittings and suit fittings, hair styling and so on.
The day commenced and everyone was gathered at the quaint church set back from a busy town centre. The standard hand shakes and embraces of relatives from far and wide, laughter and small talk were in full swing, then we got word that the bride had arrived so we headed in side and took our places. What followed was one of the most beautiful spectacles, emotions of pride and happiness emerged as the children entered two by two and led their Nanny and Grandad down the isle. Bobby and his three cousins who had taken this job and embraced every moment of it, the three girls looked like princesses on their way to the ball, and Bobby, our very own Prince Charming looked like a distinguished gentleman, bursting with pride.

The whole day was wonderful, truly wonderful, the fact that neither me or my brother were born when our parents married way back in ’84 made it a day to cherish. It’s just that, especially for our children, they will mostly only have old photographs to look back on of special memories, but having experienced this special day in person I’m sure they’ll all hold it dear in their memories.

Having fond memories of life are priceless and I believe are what make the difference when the little ones grow older.

Here’s to many more years of happiness.

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