Well, what can I say about the year gone by? It’s been a year of so many highs and not many lows.

For us, it’s been a year to remember.

2017 was in many ways our year. We got married! We moved house, we travelled, loved and laughed.. we also worked our arses off!

For me, my stand out moment of 2017 was having my then beautiful fiancé meet me at the bottom of the isle to finally, after nearly 8 years of togetherness become my stunning wife. To be joined by many friends and family to celebrate with us was immense. I think it’ll always be a blur!

Among our wedding, we celebrated new additions to our family by welcoming baby cousins to the ever expanding family gatherings.

We celebrated friends and an uncles wedding which were a delight. Sharing the love with the people around us.

Birthdays parties and everything in between we have had what you could say has been a very social year.

Bobby just keeps excelling in all he does, I am glad he’s achieving things in his early life to set him on the path in the future. With his seventh birthday in the year to come, I am excited to see what’s next for our little guy.

We finish our year in the same place our lives really begun together, by a strange turn of fate we currently reside in our first ever house together. The same home we welcomed our baby boy home to way back in 2011. Making more memories in the place our memories as 3 started.

Now to look forward, forward to a new dawn, a new day, a new year.

What am I hoping for in the year to come, 2018. Could it be the year of overhaul, the year of finally getting my life in order. I doubt it, that’ll probably take more than a year. I’m hoping for more of the same. Making great memories with my little family, and those around us.

I’m hoping to add things to my life by way of learning new skills. If I can come back in a years time and say, I have learnt a new skills I’ll be a happy boy. I have an idea, I just need to focus on it a bit more.

I want to travel more, and see things that I haven’t before. Whatever and wherever they may be time will tell.

Finally I want to smile, and more importantly I want to see more people smile. If I can make you smile then I think my year will be a good one.

So what are your hopes and desires for 2018?

As for Stories Of A Dad, my goals for next year are to write more. I also want to record as many episodes as possible on the podcast for you all to listen to. Hit the ground running, as they say.

So, onto our New Years Eve. Tonight in fact, well we will be bringing in the new year with some new friends, friends who we have made Just by being parents.

What ever you choose to do on the final day of 2017. I hope it’s a good one. I hope it’s full of cheer, and I hope you can look back on your year and be happy.

Happy New Year!

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