… and just like that the Stories Of A Dad Weekly is back!

I missed last weeks’ and my excuse for that is simply. Daylight savings! That blasted thing, it threw me out all week. So thank you to those who messaged and asked where I had gone. That’s 7 of you, in total. There’s my reason, the clock change!

No, in all honesty. I was tired and not much occurred, so I thought I’d take the week off.

This week, obviously was spent at work. But some what joyfully for only four days. I am one of the lucky ones who gets the bank holidays off. I was also savvy enough to book an addition two weeks off! So my Easter weekend will last 16 day!

Oh boy do we have some plans! With Bo off school too we can get up to all sorts of mischief! I plan on swimming, hiking, biking, footballing, napping, and many more exciting activities. Hopefully this jolly British weather holds out for us!

Before all of that, let me announce the back page story of the week. Bobby scored his 10th goal at football, and although not competitive or anything like that, he is over the moon.

This goal was something to behold, letting the ball drop over his shoulder, he took a subtle touch, and slotted it in the bottom left, me and his grandad were on the sidelines holding each other in a frantic celebration! As Bobby sprinted to celebrate with his team mates.

Also this week, and also due to the clock change, I was late for work. Over slept! Because of the clock change – that happened four days earlier. Still valid, right?

Me and Bobby took sometime and headed to the park to film some stuff for our YouTube (check that out here) Bo, enjoys watching football you-tubers such as The F2 and Hashtag United, and requested to make his own videos. So we did just that. *Spoiler Alert* I take a pie to the face in one of them!

We had the Easter extravaganza at school to see out the working week. Chels made Bo a creatively bunny themed Easter bonnet and I got charged £1 for a painted polystyrene egg. That’s what Easter has become now a days.

As the weekend arrived we had a relaxed Saturday morning with a standard wrestling match and some house hold chores before heading out and delivering some Easter eggs to family.

Sunday we took a visit to the farm in anticipation of decent weather, we played in the woods, and explored the land. I decided pure white trainers would be a marvellous choice of footwear for this outing.. They were not! Very good fun though!

We saw out this Easter weekend with a visit to some family, accompanied by our first Creams experience. Take away desert – now you’re talking!

I am now counting down the days until our first road trip of the year!

Stay tuned!

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